GrandMaster JinHeng Li

Former Senior Beijing Wushu Team Member, Beijing China Master Instructor World Martial Arts Academy, Arizona, USA (1984 - Present ) Director, World Martial Arts Grand Championship & Festival, Arizona, USA ( 1996 - 2001 ) Master Instructor United Kung Fu Wushu Team GrandMaster JinHeng Li began his martial arts training at age 11, he was selected to attend the prestigious Beijing Sports School.

This is a "live-in" school where students focus not only on their academic subjects but they also train 6 hours daily, 7 days a week under the tutelage of the best martial arts Grandmasters in China. He specialized in many traditional weapons, as well as numerous hand forms such as Northern Shaolin Long Fist, Southern Style Boxing, Nanquan, Baji, Bagua, Chen & Yang Styles Tai Chi, Xing Yi, and Tongbei. He is internationally known for his skill with the Rope Dart, Whip Chain, Sword, and Staff.

GrandMaster Jerry R. Cook

TE-Ching Jerry Cook's history, associations, linage & bio. Jerry Cook started martial arts in 1971 jr high in boxing, wrestling & shotokan under master Charles Dixon. 1974 taught Parkers kenpo karate through high school eventually receiving a black belt from the AKKA. 1980 studied aikido with John Takagi. 1984 received a black belt in Okinawan go-ju-ryu with sensei Alverez.

1985 learned tiger & crane from Buck sam kong later masters Hung & Ru hu Zhu. also learned 116 wing chun mokjong from master Fong. 1987 learned 108 ba-kwa from dr Wong later masters Hsu & Ting-jue. Received a black belt in green dragon kung fu / shuai chaio / chang 108 taichi from master Chicoine & 108 long fist 1-10 fighting methods from master Ma, later Pan qing fu's 18 combat style. 1990 received a black belt in Budo kan ju-jitsu from dr Anglen. 1992 started work with Jin heng li in wu shu receiving a black sash. 2002 received a 7th° black belt in kajukenbo certified by c- jo Emperado & gm pierce. Also started study’s with shaolin monk Shi yong kai in styles of yi-chin-ching, baji & chen taichi also worked with Chen xaio wang, Chen bing & Chen zhang. 2005 received 1 of the most knowledgeable master’s award from the martial arts hall of fame & was put on the international grandmasters council. 2007 became a Doh-yi master with daoist priest Jaing Jing, Sun Baek specializing in Wu-Tang sword & Dao- in.

2008 received grandmaster scrolls from ninjitsu GMmaster Ashida kim & GMmaster Lawrence day black dragon. 2011 received IMACC professorship, grandmaster in Gm John Wongs tanglang lotus clan & received a 9th° black belt in kajukenbo, the black dragon fighting society & pierce family combat method. 2012 Received chief master title "yin jin" from the dao source associations a internal daoist arts, medical chi gung, zen martial arts society from gm jaing jing dr sung baek & yin jin chin. Received te-ching name from the budhast dikocogie temple & the jade moon kung fu schools. Helped build the yang tze medical center in Phoenix AZ under master dr Xiao Pu Quan.

Jerry Cook has won over 50 national black belt championships & has produced over a dozen books & videos in the arts. Master cook specializes in teaching & certifying martial arts instructors in more than 200 schools. He has learned from some of the greatest teachers of the time & enjoys sharing that knowledge with others. :) “I would like to express a special thanks to my teachers, Kum Oak Yun, Paul Wong, and Kirby Ma; whose teachings and examples I am only now, after all these years, beginning to appreciate”.

Mr. Caleb Labarda, 3rd Dan

Mr. Labarda is owner and Head Instructor of Tae Kwon Do Unlimited. He started Tae Kwon Do at the age of 8, Mr. Labarda immediately started competing and performing, placing 1st in the state until he was a black belt. Skipping his 1st Degree Brown Belt, he earned his 1st Degree Black Belt with Honors from Master Lopez in 1996 and his 2nd Degree with Honors from Grand Master Rhee in 2002. In 2003 he had the honor to do an opening performance for the World Championship at Walt Disney World that aired on ESPN2. In 2006 Mr. Labarda received his 3rd Degree Black Belt passing with Honors from Grand Master Rhee.

He is a certified teacher through Jhoon Rhee International. Mr. Labarda has trained under several different world champions and Masters of the Martial Arts. Performing on ESPN2, he has placed 5th in the world along with hundreds of performances, one leading a team, that he trained and performed along side, to Washington D.C. and won a National Championship. Teaching is one of Mr. Labarda's greatest passions.

"Teaching and making a difference in people's lives is one of the greatest rewards for me. There is no better feeling knowing that I help put a positive influence on kids, teens, adults and families."





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